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In our Modern Art Gallery we offer works from different fields of art: drawing, painting, photography, graphic arts, etc. We believe in the timeless and universal power of art, which can change not only our mood, but our entire life. Whether it’s theatrical performance, movie, painting or performance – every form of art has its own unique language and a message to carry. We should be able to experience art unrestricted, free to view it in our own personal way. An artwork may be a recording of thoughts and emotions but without a viewer it becomes an empty shell with no means to transcend its physical form.

Our principal aim is to distribute original and unique artworks. We sell both directly and online. As a means to meet our clients’ expectations, we have also launched an option to purchase premium fine art prints of most artworks available in our Modern Art Gallery. They are printed using only highest quality pigments and dedicated materials, which guarantee long-lasting durability. Fine art prints work perfectly with the newest home-decorating trends and can be used to enhance any interior, be it a house, restaurant, office etc.

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