Painting for sale | Originals and Unique Art

In our gallery we offer both abstract and figurative modern painting. In our online store you will find several dozen oils, acrylics and watercolors, available to purchase as original works, as well as fine art prints.

Painting, along with drawing, is one of the most ancient fields of art. Compared to others, the interest in it has always been steadily growing. Paintings often break price records at art auctions and are the most sought-after and valuable type of artwork in art collections around the world.

Paintings, against all odds, are still present in today’s world. The death of painting has been foretold many times during the last few decades, yet every such prophecy only sparked the interest in it anew. Despite the influence of digital media and modern fields of art, such as digital photography, video art and performance, painting continues to be a relevant medium which will not be going anywhere anytime soon.