Tomasz Cichowski was born in Poland. He graduated from Multimedia Communications at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. For many years he has been practicing painting, video art, installations and photography. Apart from artistic practice he deals in graphic design and multimedia projects. Member of  “IKOON – Multimedia body” (2004-2008)

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Artist Statement

About painting

My painting is runing essentially in two abstract fields. Both are exploration into colour, texture, mark making and painting matter. One of them is more organized. The main effort is concentrated on color choosing and adopting it to his “biological” form. That’s a kind of DNA constructing. Against to expectations the process is not precisely design at the start point. There is a lot of space on spectacular decisions during the process. The other direction is much more spontaneous. There is less calculation, analysis, maths. Gesture, trace, feeling, mood and touch become much more important. These two tracks of painting are beating or complementing each other showing predominance of one over the other. That’s like humans – hybrid engine which takes the power from the most powerful source. These two emotions have always accompanied my painting: one discovers intellectual structures while the other participates in biological spontaneity. This is a very attractive situation during the process of painting which always has produced unique effects.

 About photography

My photography runs by two tracks generally. One of them is touching documentary, sometimes very pure with large format’s contacts prints particularity, sometimes taking the pinhole photography with his specific language and stylistic. The second track is more like creative exploration. My transformations mostly often look for a metaphor of human nature in the ambiguity of geometric shapes and light. Geometric shapes of daily space — the walls, the floors, the ceilings and the light’s traces – suitably and precisely stand for the vague human anxiety. Flat and definite yet also abstract and unreal due to their spatiality, they tell us of humans limited in their physicality yet spiritual, undefined and not to be described.


•  Post – Competition exhibition of Painting them. Leon Wyczółkowski , BWA Gallery , Bydgoszcz 2014
• The Mine of Images; part VII, Gallery of the Faculty of Media, acting and directing, Zabrze, 2013
• Objectively / Subjectively – photographic presentation of the project “Still Life” ZPAF, Katowice, 2012
• Painting – Solo exhibition, Tarnogorskie Centrum Kultury, 2012
• EPAF – European Performance Art Festival, CCA, Warsaw, 2007
• Universe of the body – the exhibition project “Mine Images”, ZPAF, Katowice, 2007
• “Hurt.Art.” -/Life Chance/, action art, TCK, Tarnowskie Gory, 2006/2007
• “Shoulder to Shoulder” action art – collectives meeting of Polish and Swiss / Ikoon, Labor P, cStudio /, European Hotel, London, 2006
• CAMERA OBSCURA – “Tales of the box”, the exhibition project “Mine Images”, ZPAF, Katowice, 2006
• “Silesia active part.2”, BWA, Katowice, 2006
• New roads – Neue Wege, polnische videokunst, K4 Forum, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2006,
• With love from young polish artist, “Supermarket for art”, Gallery UND, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2006,
• “November’s Night”, Mokotow Blockhouse, Warsaw, 2005
• Free Form Festival, “Cane Factory” Artistic Centre, Warsaw, 2005;
• „Wroclaw NonStop” Festival, BWA Studio, Zero Project Gallery Exhibition , Wroclaw 2005
• The 4th Biennale of Photography „Object Hunting”, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, 2005,
• „Ikoon”- Multimedia Body“ Group Exhibition – „art in the room” – Zero Project Gallery, Berlin, 2005,
• “Polen.Edu“ – Polish Art and Culture in Sweden, IKOON Exhibition at The University of Stockholm, 2005,
• The 4th International Festival of Photography, Lodz, 2005,
• „Retransmission”, vol.1 Videoart Festival, 2004-2005, Gdansk, Warsaw, Lodz, Zabrze,
• The Second Jazz Music Meetengs, Wisniowy Sad Gallery, Tarnowskie Gory, 2004,
• An Individual Exhibition of photography and video „NEW_MEN”, „Wi• Award on 5th Fine Art Festival, Bytom 2004,
• Videoart Presentation, The Third Edition of The„Open Screen” , Cinema.Lab, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2003,
• An Individual Exhibition of photography „Kisielice” Gallery, Poznan, 2001,
• Exhibition of the Best Diploma Works of Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, 2001,
• Exhibition of Polish Modern Art organised by Polish Ambassy in Laos Republic, 1999,
• An individual exhibition „Forms, People and Spaces”, „Od Nowa” Gallery, Bytom, 1998,